My resume

I am very interested and enthusiastic in making great products which can benefit to many people: the user, the company, the stockholder, the society,...
I am very interested in turning useful products into money--and make these money into more useful products.
I don't have a good educational background, don't have a beautiful university degree, but I never stop learning, never stop improving myself, never stop changing myself, never stop trying.
I know I don't have shiny working experiences, but from my working trace, you can see that I always want to be better, to be great.
I know however big my dream is, without a great platform, they will always be just dreams.
I am a big fan of challenge. I love solving problems, especially for those have never solved by anyone.
Sometimes I break rules, because they don't fit for the new circumstances--the world is changing.

== Basic Information ==
* Name:Li Furong
* Gender:Male
* Birth: Nov. 1982
* Cell Phone: +86 13651506196
* email: leefurong AT
* Educational qualification: junior college
* Graduated from: Shanghai Medical Instrumentation College
* Year of graduate: 2002
* Major in: Radiological medical device

== Working experiences: ==
* July 2008 ~ Dec 2008
* Exoweb, web developer.
* We use twisted, django, postgresql, trac, svn, and other open source tools.
* Reason for leave: I am not that interested in the product/area that we're working for. And I didn't pass the probation time because they think I am persistent in my mind, so I have to leave.
* I learned a lot about how to develop software, a lot about how to communicate. I found many pitfalls in myself.
* I often have new ideas. Instead of being a programmer, I think maybe I am more suitable to concentrate in the products/marketing, or the customer experience.

* Dec. 2003 ~ June 2008
* Company:East Wide Medical Devices Ltd.
* Service engineer in Shanghai service dept.
* The company is the sole dealer of IMS and Mecall (Both are Italy companies)in China.We sell x-ray machines, and my job is to provide after sales service. I need to find and solve different kinds of problems as soon as possible.
* Why leave: I love software, since I got a chance in Exoweb, I leave. Another reason: after 5 years of work, I can't learn much new things, I am the same ME year after year, I don't allow that.
* I did a very good job when I was in east wide, if you get time, you can call them to know more.

* July 2003 ~ Nov 2003
* Company: dentsply, Shanghai office
* sales representative
* Why leave: I was not a good sales at that time. Maybe because I was so young(21 years old). But still, the way how sales get things done influent me a lot.

* Aug. 2002-Jul 2003
* Company:Medical Device Dept of Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University
* Position:Service engineer
* I worked there for 1 year, and I found out it is really not challenging at all. So I decided to leave the harbor, and get a not-that-stable job.

== Educational Background: ==
* 1999~2002
* Radiological medical devices dept. of Shanghai Medical Instrumentation College.
* I led an event for improving our restaurant's food quality when I was a fresh man; I passed CET6 when I was a sophomore; I developed an asp based website, all by self-study, when I was in junior class. I won scholarship twice when I was in college.
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