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Monday, June 15, 2009

I’ve been happily using Momentile since the new year to document my life in pictures on a daily basis (when I don’t forget to upload a picture, that is). I was particularly pleased, then, to hear from the site’s creator, Derek Balmer who asked if I’d be interested in illustrating a cheeky image to greet users visiting the site with the buggy and outdated Internet Explorer 6.

Derek knew just what he wanted—icons of all the major browsers having a party and not inviting IE6.  He also suggested a treehouse might be a good idea, and I agreed; the height of the treehouse made for a easy-to-read visual cue that IE6 was not where he wanted to be.

I did a quick doodle in my sketchbook, and though it usually takes me a few tries to find an ideal layout, I knew right away this one was going to work.


So here’s the refined sketch that I showed the client:


And then, the final piece, which you can see at a higher resolution over at Flickr:


It was an incredibly fun job to work on, and having experienced the difficulties firsthand of trying to build a website that renders properly in all browsers, I hope no one ever has to see it.


6-15-09 · 5:34 pm

John Rygielski says:

Fantastic! Found this work through Daring Fireball. The best browser-not-supported screen I’ve ever seen. Well done.

6-15-09 · 8:03 pm

peteremcc says:


You should add in Chrome next time too. I don’t use it myself, but it’ll make IE6 look even worse and you can’t argue against that!

6-15-09 · 8:30 pm

Daniel says:

dude, Hilarious.  I found it via Collis’ tweet

<!--ps i hope this form accepts html lol-->

6-15-09 · 8:37 pm

Daniel says:

<style type="text/css">

<span>oops.</span> wrong link

<!--well now we know comments don’t work-->

6-15-09 · 9:23 pm

Colby Olson says:

Awesome drawing, I would love to have a link to a larger picture, I think it would make a great background. Please let me know if you do.

6-15-09 · 9:40 pm

Johnny says:

Colby, if you read above, there is indeed a link to a larger version:

6-15-09 · 11:55 pm

ady sulistrax says:

I like this words: I can’t believe you’re related to that guy IE7. :D

great work!

6-16-09 · 12:04 am

Brian Parks says:

I absolutely love this. Great work. Now, off to make my “death to IE 6” fan page on Facebook.

6-16-09 · 12:06 am

Neha says:

Kool Love it...I hate IE6 too I never wanted him to become the part of my team but what to do we have to manage with him : (

6-16-09 · 12:13 am

Jamie Le Souef says:

Hi John,

Love the design and the angle you’ve used here - humor is a great way to encourage people to take up new things, not bashing them with there own ignorance.

Well done!

6-16-09 · 12:15 am

Jeremy Nicoll says:

I kicked IE6 out of my club house a long time ago. Freaking awesome. This should be the standard IE6 denial page.

6-16-09 · 1:10 am

Jason Cypret says:

Totally awesome. Thanks for the link to the larger version. It is now my desktop!

Love all your other work too!

6-16-09 · 1:38 am

mcometa says:

Awesome and very funny! Haha

6-16-09 · 2:40 am

David Paulsson says:

Haha, amazing work - I love it!

6-16-09 · 2:45 am

benni says:

The only thing which would may be improveable is the positions/weightings of the speechballoons… Intentionally I read this from the right to the left (or actually I think I started out with firefox’ words), while it does not make too much sense that way.

However, still a great idea!

6-16-09 · 4:41 am

Scarf*oo says:

Lovely illustration.

But, aren’t you worried about losing IE6 users that way? Err, wait a moment…

6-16-09 · 5:43 am

Nicolas says:

Hey, this is brilliant nice way to put how unpopular IE6 is

6-16-09 · 10:17 am

iynque says:

This makes me sooo happy.

6-16-09 · 10:42 am

strangera says:

Great one! Love it!

I am missing only Google Chrome smile I love Google Chrome raspberry

6-16-09 · 1:10 pm

Jim Cook says:

I WILL buy the t-shirt of this if it ever sees the light of day.

6-16-09 · 2:46 pm

Nikola says:

Hahaha, awesome

6-16-09 · 3:25 pm

Tony says:

Any chance you and/or Momentile would let others use the image for their IE6 warning pages? We’re re-doing our school’s site, and will be implementing a warning page for IE6 users...Can’t seem to find a way to contact anyone at Momentile, though. No contact form or email addy.

6-16-09 · 3:59 pm

bowerbird says:

wah!  i’m an old man, with bad eyes…

so i’d have liked the speech-balloons
to have been much bigger and bolder.


6-16-09 · 4:13 pm

Johnny says:

Bowerbird, it’s shrunk down a bit to fit this blog, but at full size it’s quite legible.

6-16-09 · 4:58 pm

Evert says:


This is very cool.. would love to use it!

Would you perhaps be interested in putting this under a creative commons or open source license?

It’s for the greater good smile

6-17-09 · 6:13 am

Milo says:

Absolutely great! To be honest, I even like the original text with your sketch even more wink

6-17-09 · 10:38 am

UVshah says:

thats cute.. hope that appears every time IE6 browser is opened to the greybeard old-timers

6-17-09 · 7:44 pm

snydez says:

poor IE6 /..

../not :d

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