Compare the performance of ≈30 programming languages
using ≈12 flawed benchmarks and ≈1100 programs

After all, facts are facts,
and although we may quote one to another with a chuckle
the words of the Wise Statesman, 'Lies--damned lies--and statistics,'
still there are some easy figures the simplest must understand,
and the astutest cannot wriggle out of.
Leonard Henry Courtney, 1895

Programming language performance comparisons Z to A

Smalltalk VisualWorks uniform reflective environment - real live objects

Scala higher-order type-safe programming for jvm

Ruby MRI programmer fun - everything is an object scripting

JRuby everything is an object scripting for jvm

Ruby 1.9 the new Ruby

Racket statically-scoped properly tail-recursive dialect of lisp

CPython uncluttered imperative programming plus objects

Python 3 the new Python

PyPy jit compiler compatible with python 2.5

PHP scripts embedded in html and much more

Perl server-side shell & cgi scripts

Free Pascal imperative programming plus objects

OCaml modular type-safe strict functional programming plus objects

Mozart/Oz multi-multi-multi-paradigm distributed programming

LuaJIT jit compiler fully compatible with lua 5.1

Lua associative arrays for extensible embedded scripting

Lisp SBCL pioneering s-expression oriented programming

JavaScript V8 web-browser embedded scripting

JavaScript TraceMonkey ubiquitous web-browser embedded scripting

Java 6 steady state approximate jvm steady state

Java 6 -Xint ubiquitous bytecode interpreter virtual machine

Java 6 -server ubiquitous jit server virtual machine

Haskell GHC lazy pure functional programming

Go 6g 8g types just are - Go is an experiment

Fortran Intel pioneering numeric and scientific programming

F# Mono higher-order type-safe programming (mono is not ms .net)

Erlang HiPE concurrent real-time distributed fault-tolerant software

C++ GNU c plus objects plus generics

C# Mono oo plus functional style (mono is not ms .net)

Clean lazy & strict pure functional programming

C GNU unchecked low-level programming

ATS dependent types & linear types plus theorem proving

Ada 2005 GNAT large-scale safety-critical software

Benchmarking programming languages?

How can we benchmark a programming language?
We can't - we benchmark programming language implementations.

How can we benchmark language implementations?
We can't - we measure particular programs.

Today's performance comparison.

Read the source code. Contribute faster more elegant programs.

Revised BSD license

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