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Slife: Where Does Your Time Go?

Slife IconHave you ever tried working on your computer, only to discover two hours later that you really haven't done much? I'll admit, I get easily distracted by growl notifications and what not. Wouldn't it be great to know where your time went?

Enter Slife. Slife does one simple thing. It keeps track of how long you've been using each of your applications, and displays that information on a little timeline. Throw in an integrated browser and a tagging system and you've got something good going.

Slife inaction

If you're browsing the web, Slife will save each site you visit, and can give you a preview in its browser window. It will also record instant messages sent in either Adium or iChat. As you can tell, I've been spending most of my evening surfing the web, and not doing very much.

If you think the fun begins and ends inside this app, think again. SlifeLabs has created a social network called SlifeShare, which allows users to share their Slife data. While this is certainly innovative, I'm concerned about privacy issues. Call me paranoid, but I simply don't like the idea of sharing my browsing history with the web.

Slife: Share your life?

There are two things to note. Slife 1.0 currently supports only a dozen or so applications. If it's not on the list, it won't work. Luckily, according to the SlifeLabs blog, Slife 1.1 will provide support for any application. The interface also requires a little time to get used to. Still, a great application nonetheless.

So the next time you exclaim: “Where did my time go?, try Slife. You won't be disappointed. Grab your free copy from SlifeLabs, and tell me what you think.

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