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Find out how Slife can help you get things done
Getting Started
Create your account and download the open-source Slife client. Once you configure it with your account login, it begins observing and logging your activities automatically.
Time Spent On Applications
You can visit your Slife Web account at anytime to visualize your computer activities. One of the views lets you see how much time you've spent per application.
Time Spent on Web Pages and Documents
The Web & Documents view allows you to see how much time you've spent on individual documents and web pages. You can visualize stats by day, week, month or year.
Time Spent on Activities
With Slife Web, you can create categories for your activities, such as "Reading news" or "Doing research", and designate applications and documents as part of these categories.
More Details With Notes
In addition to observing your activities automatically, the client allows you to post notes to your Slife Web account. Notes are great as a way to give your activities more context.
Meetings & Phone Calls
What about all those other non-computer-based activities? The client lets you log meeting time and phone calls, so you know how much time you've spent away from the computer.

Manage Your Productivity
You can specify goals for activities, such as "spend less than 15 minutes reading news daily". Slife Web does the math and lets you know whether you are reaching your objectives.
Third-Party Services
Time tracking typically goes hand in hand with invoicing and project management. With Slife Web, you can easily export the time you spend on projects and activities to third-party web services, such as Freshbooks.
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