Adding straight single and double quotes to Inconsolata 02.12.2009

I love the font Inconsolata. At bigger sizes and higher resolutions, it looks incredibly smooth and clear, and avoids the messy sort of feeling that Monaco gains as text density increases.

One thing that bothered me about Inconsolata, however, was the fact that its single and double quotes were slightly slanted or curly. It especially bothered me when using single quotes and commas, as the two looked visually similar, and my eye kept jumping levels.

As such, I made my own modification using the Font Forge source script, and named it: Inconsolata-dz

It was the first time I did anything with Font Forge, so advance apologies for any mistakes.

Here’s how it compares to the normal version of Inconsolata:

Comparison of Inconsolata and Inconsolata-dz

Note the single and double quotes, and how the single quote is more visually distinct from the comma.

I’ve uploaded to: Grab it there.