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Growth Hacker Job Description

Looking to hire a Growth Hacker? We created a job description we’ve used to help others hire this position. You’re welcome to use it as-is or alter it to your company’s needs to hire your very own Growth Hacker or build a team.

Growth Hacker

In this cross-functional role, you’ll be able to learn a lot, and will have exposure to all levels of the organization.  Our growth hacker will be part of the product management team, but will work closely with marketing and engineering.

Primary Job Responsibilities

  • Set up, QA and run A/B tests using Optimizely.

  • Set up, QA and run usability tests, often, but not always, using

  • Ensure tests get up and running, and willing and able to help product and marketing team interpret results and present them to management without bias


  • Innate interest in learning about customers behavior through both numbers and qualitative data

  • Basic understanding of statistics

  • Decent Excel skills – know how to do pivot tables  SQL knowledge a big bonus

  • Enough HTML/CSS/JS skills to be able to set up Optimizely tests.

  • Sufficient graphic editing skills to be able to modify graphics to create test variations

  • Willing to learn what you don’t already know

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