Growth Hackers Conference

Join us Nov. 7, 2013

Computer History Museum in Mt. View


Learn from growth experts at Square, Quora, Twitter, Facebook, and more
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Jared Fliesler
Partner, Matrix Partners
VP of User Acquisition Square
Andy Johns
EIR, Greylock
Growth PM at Quora, Twitter, & Facebook
Stan Chudnovsky
Co-founder, IronPearl
Co-founder Ooga Labs, Tickle
James Currier
Co-Founder, Ooga Labs
IronPearl, Tickle
Sean Ellis
Coined the term "Growth Hacker"
Qualaroo, Dropbox, LogMeIn, Xobni
Elliot Shmukler
VP Product & Growth, Wealthfront
Senior Director, LinkedIn Growth Team
Laura Klein
Principal at Users Know
author of "UX for Lean Startups"
Dan Martell
CEO & founder of Clarity
Flowtown, Spheric Technologies
Gustaf Alstromer
PM at Airbnb,
formerly Head of Growth at Voxer
Ivan Kirigin
Founder & CEO at YesGraph
formerly Growth PM at Dropbox
Simon Tisminezky
Cofounder Social Nation,
previously founded
Gagan Biyani
Co-founder Udemy
Growth advisor, Lyft

"The best conference series on growth to emerge in Silicon Valley." - Andrew Chen

Conference founders & co-hosts

Gagan Biyani is a technology enthusiast and entrepreneur. He is co-founder of Udemy, a leading marketplace for online education that has been featured in Bill Gates' annual letter, the New York Times, the Today Show, and more than 50 other media outlets. Prior to leading user acquisition and business operations at Udemy, Gagan wrote for TechCrunch covering mobile technology. He has also held positions at Accenture and Microsoft. Follow on Twitter @gaganbiyani.

Erin Turner is an entrepreneur and product person in commerce, games, & social media. Currently she is product director at Wildfire (now a division of Google), the leading social media marketing platform. Previously Erin founded and led two startups (Crave and Gigabeat) and spent 8 years in the game industry at Electronic Arts (EA), Kixeye, and Trion Worlds. Follow on Twitter @erineturner.


If you work in consumer tech, this is your mission. You know about the rise of growth teams at nearly every Silicon Valley startup the past few years and about "growth hacking as the new marketing" thanks to these posts by Sean Ellis (who coined the term) and Andrew Chen (who popularized it).

Silicon Valley has collectively realized two things:

  1. Growth doesn't happen simply by having a good product

  2. Traditional marketing techniques are often not effective at driving growth online.

There is no one-size-fits all approach that works. The challenge is in the details and figuring out where to focus for your own company.

The Growth Hackers Conference was formed to share learnings from the top growth experts in the world who've figured out what works. If you are a tech entrepreneur, marketer, or developer, this conference is for you.


A full day of interactive talks and networking with speakers, growth mentors, and other attendees beginning at 8:30am.

Sessions will cover how to identify which growth type to pursue (growing returning users, new users, or monetized users) & how to execute on that goal with different channels & tactics.

8:00am - Registration Traffic will be congested. Plan to arrive early, grab a cup of coffee and mingle with fellow attendees over pastries.

9:00 - 12pm Morning Sessions

Keynote 1: "Insights from growing Square" by Jared Fliesler

Keynote 2: "Growth types, which are right for you now?" a growth framework by James Currier

Growing your returning users

"Lessons learned from LinkedIn" by Elliot Shmukler

"Early stage retention as a test of product/market fit" by Dan Martell

12pm - 1:15pm Lunch: Network with attendees or attend a small group session with a Maven Ventures Growth mentor if you purchase an additional special ticket.

1:15 - 5:30pm Afternoon Sessions

Growing your new users

"User acquisition & activation on mobile - insights from Voxer" by Gustaf Alstromer

"Why fixing your UI isn't enough to improve conversions" by Laura Klein

"Conversion optimization" by Sean Ellis

Growing your monetized users

"Factors affecting growth of monetized users at Dropbox" by Ivan Kirigin

Coffee break

Channels & Tactics

"Finding paid channels that work" by Stan Chudnovsky

"How to drive viral user acquisition from zero to 1 million" by Simon Tisminezky

"WOM marketing" by Gagan Biyani

Closing talk: "Why Growing a Startup is like Growing a Retirement Account" by Andy Johns

5:30 - Reception: Discuss the day's talks over cocktails


Date November 7, 2013

Time 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Location Computer History Museum, 1401 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA

Want to Sponsor? Contact Russ Klusas at

Press Opportunities? Contact Misha Chellam at

Content Suggestions? Contact Erin Turner at

About the Conference

Erin Turner and Gagan Biyani are consumer tech entrepreneurs who founded the Growth Hackers Conference in 2012 to aggregate & share their own learnings along with those from the top growth experts in Silicon Valley. Since forming this first-of-its-kind conference one year ago, Erin & Gagan have hosted over 700 attendees to learn about this fast-evolving topic with the latest insights. Contact them at

They have recently brought conference producers Russ Klusas and Misha Chellam from Tradecraft to help expand the event and offer additional meetups & training outside of the bi-annual conference.

Past Conferences

Growth Hackers Conference - October 2012
Growth Hackers Conference - May 2013

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