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Learning Cycles - Tao of Mac

A lot of people would cringe in horror at the prospect of a lifetime of learning. Me, I can’t get enough of it.

Back when I was working in Marketing1, I’d read Christensen, Peters and other luminaries as well as more prosaic textbooks on market segmentation, finance, and the fine art of sales commissioning.

It was a nice change from academia and my rather futile attempt at reading the entirety of MSDN in CD format3, and I enjoyed it immensely — plus it all made a lot of sense, at least for a mind indelibly bent by Douglas Adams.

Then I went back to Engineering and read a ton of man pages4 by day and an unholy mess of ITU/IETF/3GPP drafts by night, cut with all sorts of fiction4 and imbibed with a thin slice of lemon.

When the tables turned again and I went back to Marketing, I had two challenges to overcome: finding room for a burgeoning and rather eclectic library and a voracious appetite for learning.

E-books pretty much fixed the first bit (although I make a point of defanging their DRM whenever feasible, given the way technology evolves), but I’m still struggling with the nasty habit of wanting to understand more stuff6, so my reading list for the past couple of weeks included: