Source Han Serif

Source Han Serif is a set of OpenType/CFF Pan-CJK fonts. In addition to functional OpenType fonts, this open source project provides all of the source files that were used to build these OpenType fonts by using the AFDKO makeotf and otf2otc tools.

Those who are unfamiliar with GitHub are encouraged to reference the official Source Han download guide, which is provided in English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

ZIP File Downloading

ZIP files are included that are intended to ease the downloading of all weights for a particular language or format. Below are convenient download links (the ZIP file will download if clicked) for the ZIP files in this project:

Language-specific OTFs

Simplified Chinese, ExtraLight + Light + Regular + Medium & Simplified Chinese, SemiBold + Bold + Heavy

Traditional Chinese, ExtraLight + Light + Regular + Medium & Traditional Chinese, SemiBold + Bold + Heavy

Japanese, ExtraLight + Light + Regular + Medium & Japanese, SemiBold + Bold + Heavy

Korean, ExtraLight + Light + Regular + Medium & Korean, SemiBold + Bold + Heavy

Region-specific Subset OTFs






ExtraLight + Light + Regular + Medium

SemiBold + Bold + Heavy

Super OTC Part 1 + Super OTC Part 2

Note that the ZIP file for the Super OTC has been necessarily split into two parts, due to GitHub's 100MB file size limit. Unfortunately, the built-in Archive Utility app of macOS does not support split ZIP files, and we therefore recommend that you download and installed the Unarchiver app. To unzip, either drag the Part 2 file (the one named onto the Unarchiver app, or use Control-Click to open it by specifying that app (after installing the Unarchiver app, you may also be able to simply double-click the Part 2 file). Either of these actions will combine the two parts and unzip them. For Windows, select the Part 2 file, then use the "Extract All" context menu to combine the two parts and unzip them.

Please be aware that versions of Windows up to and including Windows 10 Anniversary Update do not support the Super OTC. Please read the Configurations section of the official font readme file for more details.

Font installation instructions

Getting Involved

Send suggestions for changes to the Source Han Serif project maintainer, Dr. Ken Lunde, for consideration.

Further information

For information about the design and background of Source Han Serif, please refer to the design guide and official font readme file.