Mission and goals of the Software Preservation Group

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This document summarizes overall mission and short-term and long-term goals of the Software Preservation Group.

The Software Preservation Group strives to make the world better for software preservation by:
  • Sponsoring collection projects
  • Helping the Computer History Museum fulfill its software mission
  • Providing help for other software preservation communities
  • Providing linkage to software preservation communities
  • Educating interested parties to software preservation

This web site is used to coordinate the group's work of exploring how to collect software by focusing on specific test projects aimed at a better understanding of what can and should be done in the areas of
  • Pro-active collecting
  • A software archive
  • A community of volunteers and interested parties

On a long term basis we envision a software preservation community as a distributed web communities of interested active volunteers
  • Sponsoring collecting and preservation projects
  • Helping with web tools and advice
  • Scalable thanks to a low overhead model
    • for approval and acceptance of the software
    • for storage in the archive
The museum will
  • Assure the long term viability of the efforts
  • Provide resources, and
  • Will dramatically benefit for its own collection
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