Plugin development: Reference information for writing MuseScore plugins (for 1.3 and older only)
Documentation for 2.0+ is built-in to the Plugin Creator.

Get help from other developers

To make your first contribution, or to talk about something you want to do to MuseScore, you can contact the other developers.


Issue tracker: Post and track MuseScore bug reports, feature requests or tasks

If you are interested in helping test new features and for bugs, see Comparison of stable, beta, and nightly versions. This helps improve the quality of the next stable release.


The MuseScore community maintains a collaborative written handbook. Any logged in user can edit and improve the handbook pages. If you see a mistake or something missing in the handbook, don't hesitate to hit the Edit tab below the title and improve the page. In cases where you would like to discuss changes, post in the documentation forum.


People all over the world use MuseScore, thanks to a vibrant community of translators. If you want to help with an existing translation, or start a new one, see the instructions below. Please ask any questions on the forums, or developers mailing list and share initial work - particularly to avoid further workload, should changes be required.

Handbook and website

If you are interested in translating the website, or the software manual, then introduce yourself on the Translation forum. We will then give you access to edit and create new pages for your language. Also see the extensive Translation instructions.


The MuseScore community uses a translation server, making it simpler to collaboratively localize MuseScore. If you want to start translating to a language that is not yet listed, leave a request on the Translation forum so the language can be added.

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