Installing font


  • In the ttf folder, double-click each font file, click “Install font”; to install all at once, select all files, right-click, and choose “Install”



In the downloaded TTF folder:

  1. Select all font files
  2. Right click and select Open (alternatively Open With Font Book)
  3. Select "Install Font"


  • Use brew and cask:

    Not officially supported, might install outdated version

    brew tap caskroom/fonts
    brew cask install font-fira-code



  • In the ttf folder double-click each font file and click “Install font”; see “Manual Installation” if double-clicking doesn't work


  • Using pkg(8): pkg install firacode


  • Using ports: cd /usr/ports/x11-fonts/firacode && make install clean

How to enable ligatures

You need to explicitly enable ligatures support in following editors:

For other editors it must be enough to simply select Fira Code as your font of choice. Full list of supported editors


1. Make sure the font your editor displays is actually Fira Code

Easiest way is to compare the shape of @ & and r with the reference image:

Issues: #393 #373 #227

2. Make sure you’ve enabled ligatures in your editor

Consult this wiki (see above ↑) for instruction on how to do that.

Issues: #291

3. Make sure you’re on the latest version of Fira Code

Consult CHANGELOG to see when it was last updated.

4. Check the list of known issues below ↓

Known issues

Hinting issues

  • Uneven spacing in === and !== at certain font sizes, esp. on Windows #405 #243 #119 #114

  • Different height of [] at certain font sizes #332 #251

Powerline characters are of slightly wrong size

Unfortunately this can’t be fixed for all terminals because they have different ways of calculate font metrics. See this comment

Issues: #426 #131 #44

Some ligatures work while some don’t

This is an issue with your editor and how it handles tokenization/syntax highlighting. Nothing can be done in a font to work around that. Report your problem to the corresponding editor’s issue tracker.

Corrupted font in IntelliJ on Windows

Go to C:\Windows\Fonts with cmd.exe, find and delete everything having Fira in the file name. It’s important that you use terminal commands, not Explorer.

Issues: #589 #581 #398 IDEA-159901

Anything related to italics

Fira Code does not have italics at all. If you see italicized glyphs it means your editor is “faking” them.

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